All members of the dedicated and enthusiastic staff team at Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School Bossley Park (MIPS) work together to provide students with a rich, contemporary and high-quality learning environment that:

  • Encourages educational excellence by providing a rigorous, stimulating and challenging curriculum
  • Values and respects the personal worth and unique gifts of every individual to promote student wellbeing
  • Sees students, staff, parents/carers and parish priest working together in a spirit of true partnership, and
  • Reflects a Catholic philosophy of life in a community energised by faith to uphold the values of peace, simplicity and courtesy.

Think bold, consolidate, collaborate and lead change.

MIPS works closely with students, parents and staff in supporting the wellbeing of all students by promoting a climate in which there is mutual respect and acceptance between staff and students. The focus of student wellbeing is to know the individual, nurture them and challenge them to be more and give more in a variety of areas. Student management procedures seek to develop a school climate which promotes a high degree of self-discipline and self-respect within students.

As a leader in faith and religious education they work as part of the leadership team and together with the Principal, who is responsible in a unique way for the school’s religious identity. Working with staff and students, they implement a framework which supports the integration of faith and learning, thus ensuring excellent teaching and learning in a faith-centred environment. This role is expressed in the context of partnerships with family, parish, diocese and the universal Church. It unfolds in the domains of school ethos, curriculum, liturgy, faith formation, and staff development, embracing a faith that does justice with love.

Literacy is critical to supporting excellence in teaching practice and whole-school vision for improved literacy outcomes. This role assists other teachers to enhance the impact of teacher practice within our school and drive progress and learning growth for all students. The Reading Coach works to build capacity of teachers and continue to mentor all staff.

The Numeracy Leader enhances the ME & E project  through evidence-based teaching approaches, classroom and collaborative resources and learning opportunities specifically targeted to numeracy teachers. Exploring these strategies builds teacher capacity across the whole school.

MIPs follows Gagnès’ model of giftedness and talent which demonstrates in a practical way, the links between aptitude and achievement. Identification is a key element to the provision of gifted and talented education. This takes place through a number of methods, including: educational attainment testing (Allwell), NAPLAN analysis, external testing, internal testing, teacher nomination and parent nomination.

Provisions for talent development is made through: integrated differentiated programs, independent study programs, curriculum compacting, subject acceleration and class ability grouping. In Mathematics and Literacy  a compacted curriculum will be designed for suitable candidates in Stages 3.

Provisions external to the classroom include: competitions, which can lead to further external tuition in subject areas, eg The Science Gifted and Talented Discovery Program, The Australian Science Olympiads, the international Future Problem Solving Competition, academic gala days in a number of domains, the NSW da Vinci Decathlon.

This initiative gives intensive support to staff in order to develop a high standard of deep learning across the school. The pedagogical leader makes sure that teachers and students are performing to their best and achieving outstanding results.